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Does anyone have an image of someone dropping a coffee cup and it hitting the floor? I think Gibbs dropped one in Kill Ari part 1 when Abby was shot at and I would love to get it. Thanks!

Kissing caps/pics?

Hi all!  I just found this community and am really excited to go through some screen caps and make some icons!

In the meantime, I have a request.  Does anyone have any screen caps of Gibbs and Tony kissing someone? I'd like to use them as reference pics for a painting.  So, either them kissing someone or giving some sort of pre-kiss gaze/embrace - it doesn't matter to who because in the end, they will be kissing each other. ;)  Can anyone send me some/point me in the right direction?

I will be forever grateful! <3

thank you in advance! 

Gabby Request

Does anyone know where I can get screencaps of scenes between Gibbs and Abby from the 3 latest episodes? Specifically, I want the screen of 8x02 where Gibbs kisses Abby on the cheek. Thank you so much!